About The Atherosclerosis Of Carotid

The carotids are the major arteries of the neck and head portion of the body known to supplying the oxygen rich blood to these parts. The Atherosclerosis is known to be a very degenerative disease affecting the arteries of the body as a result of plaque accumulation in it. The plaque is known to consist of the cholesterol crystals, lipids and various other necrotic cells.

Most of the lesions in the carotid artery occur due to Atherosclerosis. In almost each of the Atherosclerosis problem the exact reason is unknown. Sometime multiple etiologies do also cause it. Cigarette smoking, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and some of the infectious agents are known to be the main reasons of it.

Contraction or narrowing of the lumen called the inner portion of the carotid artery is called the carotid Atherosclerosis because the above mentioned problem is mainly caused by the Atherosclerosis. The pulses of the carotid artery can be felt on the each side of the neck in the normal person. Stroke is the most shattering complication related to the carotid Atherosclerosis. The medication is given to the patients of Atherosclerosis mainly to reduce the risk of the stroke. In the severe cases surgery is preferred as well as more beneficial for the patients than the simple clinical or natural treatment method.

How the coronary Atherosclerosis affect the body

Coronary is the major vein of the body which is known to supplying blood from various parts of the body to the heart. Today the coronary artery diseases are becoming the major problems causing death of a great number of people throughout the world. The causes related to the problems in coronary artery are given here. The Coronary Atherosclerosisis the major problems for the people today.

The very interior surface of the coronary artery is smooth that is the very first thing to get damaged from the coronary diseases. The diabetes, cigarette smoking, abnormal level of cholesterol and high blood pressures is the major reason for it.

Over the years if the cholesterol build up is continued then it simply causes the formation of plaque. Once the plaque formation is done it simply acts as the bump of the wall of the artery.

The plaque on the walls can cause clots or sometime it does also never causes the complete blockage called the Coronary Atherosclerosiswhich however growsslowly. Sometime even if the coronary artery is severely blocked but no symptom occurs in the body. However for some cases blockage symptoms are visible. Sometime the plaque rupture is also responsible to cause clots in the coronary artery when it is exposed to the stream of blood.

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