The Relation Between The Arthritis And Rheumatism

The term Arthritis refers to name the many diseases which are considered to be related to joints. At the same time the term rheumatism is very old related to connective joints and tissues of the parts of human body. This is why both arthritis and rheumatism are supposed to be connected. Localized rheumatism is the type of problems in joints in which the pain occurs only in the local regions. This is sometimes also called as the regional rheumatism. The other type of rheumatism is the generalized rheumatism which is supposed to affect the general and sometime most of the parts of the body of patients.

According to some other references the Arthritis is supposed to be a term the meaning of which is more compact and limited to a few areas. At the same time the term rheumatism is considered as more general and not at all specific.

According to some other sources the difference between both of them is given below.

The Arthritis is considered a disease which causes inflammation in the joints. This is just called a state which is usually characterized by the inflammation in the parts of body called joints. At the same time the rheumatism is a more obsolete term which is used to represent the rheumatic fever. The rheumatism is also considered as one more general term which includes many various conditions like pain or other symptoms at joints or in the areas related to the joints.

About Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Today many experts / doctors do not appreciate the fact that even children can suffer from the problems related to Arthritis that is joint pains. However it is true that even children today suffers through the problems of Arthritis called the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. The children many time suffers with this problem because they are not early diagnosed and treated with it. Every year around one in one thousand children are known to suffer from this disease. Furthermore around one in every ten children dies from it. The symptoms of it are such that they might seem quite severe for some time of the year whereas it could be in very mild state for other times of year in the long term suffering patients. The other name of juvenile rheumatoid Arthritis is simply unknown cause juvenile Arthritis or just juvenile Arthritis.

Depending on how the juvenile rheumatoid Arthritis began in the patients it is basically classified in three major categories. Pauciarticular(less than 4 affected joints), polyarticular (4 or more affected joints) and the system onset (joints with high rash and fevers.)

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